How to spot a bad rental company?

There are many bad companies on the market at the moment, and it’s not always easy to spot them. Most of the dumpster rental companies have similar methods of luring people with services and promises that they can’t provide later on. Things like hidden fees and unexpected costs are only a fraction of the problem. Here are some tips on how to spot a bad rental company.

Incomprehensible price list

DumpstersThis problem is the most frequent one, and it should be your first step when evaluating a company. Most companies offer a free price list request. It works on a pretty simple principle. All you have to do is request a price through their website, and they will respond with an estimate.

The estimation process is where many companies seem shady. If the price seems too low, that’s an alarming fact. Although it doesn’t automatically mean it’s a fraud, you should double check it nonetheless. Does the price estimate seem dubious to you? Make sure that all prices include every possible fee and charge such as pickup, delivery, and tonnage costs, to avoid unpleasant surprises. The only surprise you’ll get with dumpster rental Newark is the low price on your final bill.

Bad or no reviews online

Dumpster rental companiesSome rental companies will provide misleading information about the available sizes because they want you to pay as much as possible. For example, if you need an eight cubic yard container, they will say they only have a 20 cubic yard available at the moment, for a bigger price. Furthermore, some companies simply don’t have smaller containers at all. The best rental companies always have various sizes available to accommodate the client’s needs.Always check the agency online and read the reviews. There’s no better evaluation method than customer reviews.


No disposal information

A lot of companies get closed because they get caught doing illegal stuff such as unsafely disposing of junk. One of the great advantages of good rental companies is that you always know that your junk is going to the right place. Ask the staff about their disposal techniques, and you’ll see if they’re honest or not. For example, if they don’t give you a specific location or try to avoid the answer, you know there’s something shady going on.Last, but not least, pay attention to the responsiveness. Quality companies can deliver a container within 24 hours after you order it.